Menu of Inaugural Exhibits

The following roster of inaugural exhibits illustrates the diverse ways in which the Museum Tamal will engage the imagination of its audience.

These exhibits are currently in production:

  1. Comidas Prehispanicas
    The Pre-Columbian cooking and indigenous ingredients of Meso-America.
  2. Maize - In the Beginning
    Exploring corn's culinary history and cultural relevance.
  3. Metate
    The technology, technique and folklore of Latin America's most fundamental kitchen tool.
  4. Angeles de la Cocina
    A historical gallery of Mexico's nuns and their culinary inventions.
  5. Dia de los Muertos
    Culinary traditions and legends surrounding Mexico's annual Day of the Dead celebration.
  6. Chileology
    Everything there is to know about every chile around the world.
  7. Tamale Technology
    A hands-on exhibit on how tamales are made, from cornstalk to table.
  8. Cooking Amphitheatre & Interactive Kitchen Experience
  9. Beber el Fuego
    "Drinking the Fire", a survey of maguey, mescal, tequila, cerveza and other vital beverages.
  10. Xocolat
    From Pre-Columbian roots to present day, the history, science, lore and artistry of chocolate.
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